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Pellet stoves ES 16C

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Pellet fireplace is a solution for those looking for a heating device used as a primary or supplementary source of heat. Ideal for rooms that do not have access to central heating. It can heat from 20 to 70m2. This fireplace is an alternative for heating in rented premises office and store.

It can also act as a decorative thanks to several colour versions. Automatic system of delivery and firing pellets even allows for 15 hours of maintenance-free operation on a single spammed (15kg, pellets 6mm). Fireplace contains an electronic controller, remote control and a thermostat that by controlling the temperature increase the ease of use of the device.

In addition, version ES16C has one additional projection distribution air.
16C Model has two holes on the back and a powerful fan, gives you the possibility to heat two more rooms, while the body of the stove heats the room where it is positioned.

ES 16c
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