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Outdoor wood fired boilers

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Outdoor wood gasification boilers Sigma OD are very good solution for family houses, farmers or warehouses where there is no place for basic boiler room. Our outdoor furnaces can supply water or air central heating systems. Outside timber fired boiler is placed in special casing from galvanized steel with roof and chimney. Complete central heating boiler can burn log wood and after burner installation also wood or straw pellets or heating oil.

Our outdoor central heating boiler has special ceramic nozzle and loading chamber connected with heat pipe exchanger which gurantee best thermal efficiency. Boiler is connected with exhousting gasses fan and easy in use control panel with overheating alarm. Our controller can also be delivered wit LAN version with Internet controlling system.

We offer many of outdoor heating systems: domestic as outside central heating boiler and also industrial as container systems. All models could be extended with pumps groups or different chimneys. 

We offer also different colours of paiting for our furnaces and containers.

Outdoor wood fired boilers
  • Outdoor wood fired boilers
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