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Micronization and drying services

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Our product can convert any organic material or products into homogenous, fine, dry powder.

Our micronizated powder can be used in:

  • renewable energy production
  • bio-based products manufacture
  • fertilizer, and animal feed
  • cosmetics
  • healthy food 

We can micro-reduce any material into powder. Powder is always:

  • homogenous
  • dry
  • sterilized
We can convert:
  1. sludge
  2. wood and biomass
  3. wastes
  4. municipal waste
  5. coal
  6. food
  7. re-food
Micro-reduced products can be used as fertilizer, component for food, component for fuel production.
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Micronization services
  • Micronization services
  • micro-reduction mill for biomass and waste
  • microreduction mill
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