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Micro-reduction mill for biomass and waste

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Universal micro-reduction mill is designed for biomass,herbs,grain or RDF pulverizing. It is ideal solution for industrial usage. Our product thanks high efficiency and thermal proccesing is excellent for:

  • biomass, herbs, grain, RDF pulverizing
  • removing moisture
  • removing bacteria

In operation chamber through the rotational motion of chain/blades the fuel is processed. The process is accompanied by air vortex which favors mutual friction of fuel particles. In a cyclone dust is separated from air and it settles on the bottom where the discharge cellular wheel sluice is fixed.

Thanks structure and operation of the mill, we can minimalize surface of many fuel or materials like RDF. Refuse-derived fuel named RDF or specified recovered fuel (SRF) is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste with a Waste converter technology. RDF consists largely of combustible components of municipal waste such as plastics and biodegradable waste that can be burned in special burners or furnaces.

Our maschine combines grinding, drying and milling in one process what is very cheap solution for end user. System converts organic material into dry powder or saw dust, what is ideal for usage in energy market, biomass and pellets plants, recycling or agro industry.

pulverizing mill for biomass and rdf
  • pulverizing mill for biomass and rdf
  • Universal mill for biomass pulverizing
  • biomass dryer
  • rdf pulverizing mill and dryer
  • 4
  • rozdrobniony RDF po zmieleniu
  • mikronizowana biomasa po zmieleniu
  • zbiornik na biomasę
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