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Carport production - model CWD V 5000

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Our universal carport for self assembly is the perfect shelter for your vehicle. Due to its open construction, the carport affords a view of the surrounding area while still offering protection for objects beneath it. With the Vitoria Carport 5000, environmental influences no longer pose a problem. The single carport blends easily into all surroundings thanks to its modern and classic design. And thanks to its compact size, it fits even on smaller properties. The special properties of the double-walled polycarbonate panels protect your vehicle against harmful UV rays. And the stable aluminum frame promises years of parking fun at no further effort.

This assembly kit contains all required parts. Create the perfect shelter for your car in just a few moments with no prior preparations.

The ideal solution to protect your vehicle against snow, rain and sun!

As manufacturer of carports we can offer cheap carports and also extended versions for couple of cars or vans. 

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